Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Guest Post at Sallie Borrink Learning

Homeschool Graduation
I have the honor of being the first guest this month at my friend Sallie's website called Sallie Borrink Learning.  She will be writing or having guest bloggers talking about children who learn differently all of October.  In this post, I share how we came to homeschool our son and some of the struggles we went through raising an ADHD child.

Now, this is not my friend Sally (as in Clarkson) but my friend Sallie (whom we affectionately call Michigan State Sallie in our home).   Sallie was blogging even before I was, her original blog was called Two Talent Living


"A homeschool Dad from the church we attended at the time warned us that we needed to take our son out of the public schools NOW and consider teaching him at home.  He knew our son and was concerned he would believe the labels being put on him and act them out.

Around this time, I also read the book by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay called For the Children’s Sake:  Foundations of Excellence for Home and School.  To make a very long story short… we began our homeschool journey at the kitchen table on the first day of the second grade."

For the rest of the story, click on over... here.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My World this Week

I'm beginning to feel better, just in time to do some outside work (beginning tomorrow, though) before the frosts and freezes arrive.  The aroma of Autumn is my very favorite for I adore the scent of decaying leaves from the forest and wood smoke from the neighbor's wood burning stove.  Those in my family sensitive to mold and smoke... not so much.

I think by next week, there will be enough color to once again walk around snapping photos.  I do want to walk down to the end of the County Road and take a photo of the corn drying in the in the field.  Hopefully it has not been harvested.

As for the everything else... this is my world (mostly inside) as seen through the eyes of my camera lens this week.


I re-read this book while on the sofa.  It was purchased for the Kindle awhile ago only because the hardback copy was much more expensive.  The Feast Nearby follows Robin Mather, an award winning food writer, from the day she moves to live in what had been her summer cottage on the lake... now to be her full time residence after losing her job and having her husband ask for a divorce in the same week.  Yuk!

This is her journey in eating "well" with her $40 a week food budget.  Partly a story of learning how to eat well on the cheap, partly a soliloquy to purchasing fresh and from the source when possible, and very much a book about how to cook.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed spending time with the author on these pages and I added a great deal of cooking knowledge to wherever such things are stored in my head.  More information... here.*


My kids have shared info about Apps for the iPod since giving it to me as a gift.  But the above App is one I found while searching the iTunes store.

It is the App from the PBS New York channel and it is really, really good.  It only has a limited number of shows you can choose from but there are more than enough.  And they contain various Masterpiece shows as well as two or three cooking shows (with all of the season's episodes to watch).

It is called Thirteen Explore (I think) in the iTunes store.  Oh, did I tell you it is free?


People ask me all the time how I became quite proficient at decorating our home.  The answer is very easy... for decades I have perused my favorite decorating magazines and I used to watch HGTV (when the emphasis was on gardens and decorating, not on Real Estate deals).

Quite often the pictures were of items and rooms far more expensive than I could afford, even when my husband was working as an engineer, but I studied where they placed furniture and the kinds of accessories used and how they put it all together.  Over time, I developed my own style and became skilful at shopping thrift and resale stores. 

I saw an "autumnal still life in an antique drawer" somewhere in my perusing recently and thought to myself, "Self, we have an antique drawer that is currently holding charging cords, hmmm.".  At which time my self said I should find a separate place for the cords and come up with my own autumnal still life.  So I did.  You can see the entire top of the buffet in the first photo above.


Stephanie and her family visited a church while in South Haven and one of the gifts given to visitors was this brownie-in-a-jar. She gave it to me and I used it last week when Hubby was wanting "something baked" and I wasn't feeling well.  It was easy to assemble and delicious.

I put together quite a few brownie-in-a-jar mixes for gifts last Christmas.  This is a different recipe called Sand Art Brownies, which are meant to look like sand at the Lake.  Quite clever!


I know I just showed the way the Study is currently looking but the sun is finally beginning to shine nicely through the windows again.  A certain signal that the leaves have really been dropping from the trees surrounding that part of the house.

Her Fluffiness

Ummmm... don't ask.  I didn't.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Tea - When Books take us to the Thin Places

Pride & Prejudice

"In my experience when people once begin to read they go on.  They begin because they think they ought to and they go on because they must.
Yes.  They find it widens life.
We're all greedy for life, you know, and our short span of existence can't give us all that we hunger for, the time is too short and our capacity not large enough.
But in books we experience all life vicariously."  
Grandfather to Jocelyn in A City of Bells by Elizabeth Goudge

I have been lost in Torminster these past few days.  Feeling quite poorly in body but alive in the realm of the soul and mind and everywhere else a good book finds its' way into my world.

I have read A City of Bells a couple times but there is still something afresh once in awhile on its' pages.  Words I wondered how I missed them the first time around, not to mention the second.

When I finished, I didn't want to leave my literary friends on the pages so I pulled the sequel off the shelf.  Even if Sister of the Angels is a Christmas story I like to read at the Holidays.  I'm just early this year.

Very few statements express more how I feel about books as those above... written by Goudge and said by Grandfather.  I have long thought that the written word is God's way of making up for our finiteness.

I think one of the reasons I love a good children's book... for I much agree with Lewis that if a book is not good enough to read at age fifty, it is not good enough for children... is how they take me from my Real world into that of Another.  Or perhaps my own long ago life.

Not only the classics of children's reading but I even love picture books, especially when they remind me of my own children's baby and toddler years.  My husband knew the words to Goodnight Moon (Margaret Wise Brown) so much that he could recite it without looking at the book.  Twenty years after reading it to his little girl, the words to Goodnight Moon had been typed out and put in a frame next to his place setting at her wedding dinner. :)

Tears can come to my eyes when I read through I Am a Bunny (Ole Risom with illustrations by Richard Scarry).  I have Stephanie's copy on my shelves, held together by a rubber band if I remember correctly.  For by reading it I am there with both of my children... even though they were born twelve years apart... reading from the beautiful board book.

I was raised in a non-church going home so I didn't know a lot about the Old Testament Bible stories.  They were more rumors than real experiences in my childhood.  So I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bible story books to my children.  Learning the real story even though it was often from books written in English children could understand.

I was in a Christian bookstore once when my daughter was very young.  I overheard a conversation between the bookstore clerk and a parent.  I can't even recall if it was a mother or father looking for a Bible for their young child.  All they would accept was a black King James Bible for their child's use.  I was close enough to notice the print was too small for a child to find it easy to read.  But from what the parent was saying, I had no desire to intrude even though I knew they were making a mistake.

For children remember the words and the experiences of their books, even the Holy Book.  I thought of the beautiful illustrations in some Bibles for children.  Indeed one can even keep to the King James and find a better selection.  For our desire is for our children to know Him and embrace Him and DESIRE Him. 

How lovely it would have been for this child, who is now grown up, to have memories of Mommy or Daddy setting them on their lap and reading them the Word of God and pointing to the beautiful photos, often in those days by the Masters' themselves.

Perhaps that is why I love books like A City of Bells.  For you cannot read it without feeling the wonder of God all around you.  It definitely reflects Goudge's Christian beliefs.  But the parent in the Christian bookstore would have hated this book.  For it also has a magical loveliness about it. 

The Celts talked about the "thin places" where the veil between the spiritual and physical is more transparent.   Somewhere I have read that observant Jews believe there is a "thinning of the veil" during the High Holy Days (of which we are in right now).  Both believe it is easier to hear from God in these places and on certain days.

I find some of Goudge's books to be such a place where there is a thinning of the veil between God and myself.  I find it amusing at times to read reviews of her books, especially my favorites.  For while many of us love her writing, there are the non-Christians who think she writes too much about God and on the other side there are the Christians who think she verges on New Age spiritualism.

As for me... Henrietta and Grandfather and the Bishop and even the reluctant converts in the story... they take me to a place where I can better hear from Heaven.  Where God can baptize me in peace.  Where His Presence dwells.

Perhaps that is why some of us love Narnia and Middle Earth and Pooh's Corner and the Lake District where animals talk and books about bunnies that look at the moon.  I think we were meant to live in the "thin places".  And Grandfather was correct, it is through books that our finite beings can live there... if only until we finish the last page.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Manuela's great article

Photo also borrowed, as well as her ideas!
There is no other bloggy friend on the planet that I have stolen borrowed ideas from over the years than Manuela.  From gardening to cooking to putting together a pantry.

It was from her blog that I learned to turn the shower in the small bathroom that we never used into a pantry space for non-food items.  I kept her blog on the screen when Hubby and I were planning our raised bed garden, so many years ago.

So I'm sending you over to her place today for her latest pantry post... here

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Rare Just Saying Hello Post

I was looking through some old posts recently and realized I used to write a lot more than I do now.  That was before the crash of the laptop!  It was much easier to put together an off the cuff hello when not teathered to the desktop computer.  In the very small home office.  Which is Hubby's domain.

But today I sit here with an index finger and the iPad.  Tap...Tap...Tap.   Stretched out on the sofa while a kitty is using my desk for her morning nap.  Although the photo is when she napped on the cabinet in the Study.

I forgot to say in yesterday's book review that the David Wilkerson bio would be interesting across denominational lines.  I usually read review books quickly as I tend to be a fast reader, anyway.  But after the first few chapters, I slowed down and decided to enjoy the reading of this book.  I could not put it down.  Fortunately we were having leftovers for dinner!

I am enjoying the lovely weather and the early changing colors of the leaves.  This summer seemed to go by in a flash.  It was the best of times and not always great.  Like life itself.  We loved the birthday celebration that lasted a week in South Haven, a highlight!  A gift we will always remember.

But we also felt the loss of my husband's seasonal work... as prices for essentials increased... and our insurance changed causing much higher costs and less service.  But we also saw God provide in ways that brought amazement.

I find we live in a time where trusting God is the only way to walk in peace and even then it requires staying close to the Source.  Sometimes we spend a long period of time in His presence.  Then there are moments our prayer can only be a quick "HELP!".  But He hears them all...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

David Wilkerson: The Cross, The Switchblade, and the Man Who Believed, a review

I looked forward to reading this book from the time I saw it would be available to review.  For I will be quite upfront and honest to say David Wilkerson has been a hero of mine since the Jesus People days of my late teens.

The book and the movie, The Cross and the Switchblade, had taken America by storm and Rev. Wilkerson was in some ways a Rock Star to those in the Jesus Movement.  As I followed his ministry, read his books, and received his newsletter... I knew there was a lot of suffering in his life.

This biography is written by his son, Gary Wilkerson (co-writer R.S.B. Sawyer).  So the story not only shares with us the facts of his life but it goes behind the scenes in a way only a family member can do when writing such a book.  Not only that... I think it is perhaps written as only a son could write about his father.

The book shares the miraculous way David Wilkerson rises from a very small town minister to becoming one of the most well known men in the Christian faith of the 20th Century (many young people may not realize just how famous he was).  But the book is more than just a list of dates, places, and accomplishments.

We learn how he was drawn to go to New York City to minister and how that came to be turned into a book and the movie starring Pat Boone.  He was much later to return to New York City and set up the church in Times Square.  We learn how Teen Challenge was begun to help addicts and a worldwide ministry to help the poor as well as pastors in other countries.

We learn how David Wilkerson struggled all of his life, not in wondering if Christ was real (for that never seemed to be an issue) but if Christ truly loved him.  If he was good enough.  The seeds of which began from being raised in an extremely legalistic denomination where his father and grandfather had been preachers.

We learn how he did not consider himself a prophet but definitely had prophetic words for America.  So much of what he wrote has come true that his books The Vision and Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth now sell for quite a lot of money.  I have both of them on my bookshelves, kept for that very reason.  Not that they would be worth something someday (who knew?) but to reread because they began to come true.  Unfortunately.

This book is not only for those who were blessed by Wilkerson's ministry.  It will be an excellent read for Christians who have suffered a great deal.  For this man and his family did go through great trials and they came through them.  Not perfectly as none would expect that.  But with greater faith.

I was also surprised and delighted to find he was influenced by the Puritan writers in the latter part of his life.  Perhaps I had read that in his newsletters and forgot it until reading again in the biography.  For I, too, came to be blessed by the Puritan writers and have a fondness for them.

I can't recommend this book enough.  It blessed me very much.  Although my copy is an Advanced Reading Copy, it will go on my bookshelves to be read again.  More information can be found... here.*

This copy was sent to me by the Publisher for Review but the opinion is my own.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My World this Week

Tweaking the top of the buffet with autumnal teacups.
The trees are beginning to turn color and the temperatures at night are quite chilly!  Back again is the habit of making an entire pot of tea in the afternoon to keep warm... half for me and half for Hubby.

I really must get the garden ready for its' winter rest but a flu-bug of some kind has been holding on.  Nothing horrible, just enough to make one feel icky and yucky and without energy at all. 

I'm posting a My World this Week  while I have the computer and a little more energy!  As anyone who works with and around chronic illness knows, you take advantage of those times.  ;)

Now... this is what has been happening in my world this past week-ish:


The cookbooks were all found while thrifting!  All are wonderful additions to my cookbook library.  That one on the bottom... the title that is hard to read from the glare... it is a lovely cookbook called Dining in the Smoky Mountain Mist (info... here*).  We spent the first part of our honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains and I have always had a fondness for those mountains.

Not feeling well at all, the only place I could think of spending time was with Henrietta, Grandfather, and the wonderful folks in A City of Bells.  It may be my favorite Elizabeth Goudge book if I had to choose but one.

David Wilkerson is a review book that just arrived.  I am very excited about reading the long awaited biography written by his son, Gary.  I will write about it in the end of the week but further information can be found... here.*

Last Week's Books

I was asked by a few people just what those favorite books in the small bookshelf are.  They are my small collection of Elizabeth Goudge and D. E. Stevenson!


My husband went over to Mr. & Mrs. Christopher's home to do a little work recently, so I baked some mini muffins for him to take to them, keeping a few for us to have with coffee.

The recipe is... here.  I kept them as mini muffins instead of shaping into donut holes, which is an option.  Quite yummy!  I had just a little more dough left from filling the mini muffin tin so I baked the rest of them in my small heart shaped mini muffin tin.  Yes, there are a couple little hearts peeking out!


Many years ago two things happened at once.  I realized I was missing spoons (the culprits either my young son or forgetful husband who took them in his lunch at work) and I saw a photo in the old Victoria magazine of a spoon collection.

So I started purchasing spoons at Goodwill one or two at a time, in the style that I liked.  The collection now resides next to the larger coffeepot.  Inexpensive. Practical.  Beautiful.


A thank you card for my daughter for the amazingly wonderful week she brought together for my birthday.  It is also decorated on the inside but it had a personal message that was, well... kinda' personal.  ;)

The photo was taken in Saugatuck, the day Hubby and I returned home.  But I am so glad my daughter, daughter-in-law, and oldest granddaughter and I made a quick trip to one of my very favorite towns.  This photo was just printed out in the printer!

Changing Chairs
It all started when my husband asked if I wanted this desk chair from our home office.
So my desk chair went into the Family Room and yes, that is a vacuum cleaner tucked aside ready to use.
So the rocking chair from the Family Room came to live in the Study.  I rather like it there.
Study Photos
I like pretty, even by taping favorite cards to a folder in my files to view all day.
The current scene from one of the Study windows.
Her Fluffiness
She loves it when the window can be open and she feels the cool breeze through her fur!  Sorry the photo is a little blurry but I wanted to snap it before she saw me and hopped off the window.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Tea - Searching for Peace, Finding Sanctuary

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:22, 23 KJV
Everything I knew as normal came crashing down the day my father's heart stopped beating. Childhood abruptly came to an end. Innocence ripped from my young life as death formed a hole in my heart, never to be filled by any human.  In many ways, a death of family as I had known it.  Life would never be the same.

I was broken.  Very broken... and broken people are shattered vessels.  Even when they come to know The Lord and His salvation, as He puts them back together... they daily leak their peace.  Much like a dropped teacup carefully glued and put back together, scars remain... cracks can be seen.

I know we have the Prince of Peace living within in the form of the Holy Spirit (and I often write that Peace is a Person).  But our bodies and souls and thoughts and memories... however redeemed... are still of this broken world.

My life has been a search for peace and calm and security... and sanctuary.

While at times I have found great peace when walking in nature or sitting beside the water, I am not a camping out kind of girl.  I adore movies and TV shows about people who move to the mountains or the wilderness but to be honest... I'd rather just visit.

I have long found peace in the pages of books, since the days of my youth when I would hide under the branches of a willow tree or sit upon a quilt under a fruit tree (I do seem to have a thing for trees) or just wonder the bookstore perusing titles and opening pages to the aroma of a new book.  But one cannot live in books forever. Meals must be cooked, dishes washed, and clothes made clean again.

Broken people... those who daily leak their peace... need to actually abide in an environment conducive to that peace.  Which is why I write so much about rooms and houses and books about such places.  We were all created for Beauty.  We were born in a paradise.  The very soil which God used to form Adam was garden dirt.

We all... as I have written before... hear those echoes of Eden.  We feel them reverberating in every beat of our heart and every step we take throughout the days and years He has given us to walk the planet. 

Somewhere within our DNA exists the memory of... Perfect Beauty... Perfect Joy... Perfect Peace.

And while I believe every person has that yearning within, those of us who have been greatly broken... those who are shattered vessels... need to have that Beauty to keep at an even keel.

It is not always easy.  The menfolk in my life tended to be loud and boisterous.  There was once a young boy so rambunctious that his mother found peace only in a hot bath filled with bubbles and a book and an icy drink sipped slowly behind the locked doors of the bathroom.  Which is why many of my favorite books from that era are water stained.

There have been instances when peace came only when one could slip away from the house to a quiet coffee shop, once again with a book, ... sipping good coffee... pondering.  Finding serenity in the midst of others reading, writing, chatting, watching their screens on tablets and laptops and phones. 

I seem to be more sensitive these past years to those things that rob my peace, take away joy, and plant seeds of anxious thoughts.  There has been an overwhelming need to create places of peace... places of Sanctuary.  His Presence, His Word, and my surroundings coming together to bring with them a strengthening of the spirit... and calm to the soul.

Even the smallest house or apartment or room can have a few houseplants and candles and books and good smells coming from the kitchen.  Music in the background that we find lovely.  A soothing landscape on the wall.  Perhaps a needlework project resides in a basket or sheet music to play on the piano.

Always for me a beloved pet to cuddle as we sigh and ponder and think deeply of the promises of His Word.  Before Eve, Adam's friends were those with fur and feathers.

So please understand when I write words about lovely spaces, I know true peace is in the Life, Death, and Resurrection of a Person.  For without Salvation there can be no real  true lasting serenity. 

But within the minutes and hours and days this world revolves around the sun... I need a Place.  Sanctuary.  With my tea and a little piece of chocolate or a couple cookies and my book and my comfy chair and a Maine Coon kitty. 

Perhaps my headphones will be necessary as those I live with are not always serene.    But I must have my own little corner of the world where I can go to be filled yet again with His Presence and Peace.

What about you?  If there is not a room, is there a corner of a room?  A chair?  A kitchen?  A Place that when you walk into it, you find the peace returning?  I hope so.  I pray there is.

For in a world where calm is increasingly difficult to find, we need our sanctuaries and our places.  Until that time when we go to the Place He went to prepare for us... where we will no longer leak peace.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Holiday cooking is just around the corner!

After mentioning that I was going to be writing about the beginning of the Holiday season, quite a number of people have said they didn't want to even think of it, yet.  And it is easy to put it off when you think of Christmas as being over 90 days away.

However, if you get paid once a week there are only 13 or 14 weeks before Christmas.  If you depend on a bi-monthly paycheck as so many do... there are approximately 6 paychecks until Christmas.  Monthly paycheck?  Well, you can do the math.

Which is why a very long time ago, I started counting paychecks instead of days or weeks until Christmas.  Then add the fact that most Holiday baking and shopping is done prior to the Big Day...

Which is why so many of us reach Thanksgiving and feel overwhelmed at the tasks in front of us, much less the budget.  So it may be a tad too soon for some to do gift shopping (although I tend to Christmas shop all year round since the Holiday season is also a big Birthday season in our home), it is not too early to start stocking the pantry.

The first thing I always do is to take the Index cards from the wooden recipe file box and peruse the pages of cookbooks for our most loved Holiday recipes.  I began to purchase extra butter, slip the boxes into Ziploc bags (a gallon size holds three comfortably) and place the bags in the freezer.

I watch for cream cheese to be at a good price as early as August since normally the use by date would be after December.  I still have not found a good sale yet but I check each week.  Other items purchased a little at a time that I always use... flour, sugar, honey, canned pumpkin, dried fruit of various kinds, bars of Crisco (I know, but when mixed with butter in the recipe it makes the best chocolate chip cookies!), ummm... chocolate chips, and a few other items unique to various recipes.

This is the time I always throw out the unused baking powder and purchase a couple new tins (even if we have not reached the use by date, yet... for it slowly degrades).  I check to see if the baking soda is fresh and any other ingredients I don't use often.  Although I keep the baking soda used for baking in a glass jar.

I read through all the recipes used during the Holidays, from October through New Year's Day to see if there is anything other than food items needed.  For instance, aluminum foil to cover the ham or turkey, parchment paper for the cookie sheet, gift bags for the cookies (should you use them), cupcake liners, candy liners, lollipop sticks, pretty sugar sprinkles, meringue powder, etcetera.

Whether you sip wine at special meals or sparkling cider, one can purchase a little at a time now.  I look for Holiday napkins, tablecloths, and such all year while thrifting.  As I do various Holiday decorations.  But there are times most people need to make a purchase for the table to look a special way or the front porch to sparkle.  Now is the time to think of those items.  For most stores have them available before November (for better or worse).

It is a very good idea to write out the menus for Holiday meals and any hospitality you plan to show now, before the true start of the Season.  For when you think it all through now, you are more likely to remember the more unusual items you may need.  For instance, that Bing Crosby Christmas CD you keep forgetting or a mix of tunes to download for a special Play List.

When my kids were still at home, I had a birthday just before (and sometimes on) Thanksgiving and one just after the calendar turned to December.  I now have a daughter-in-law with a birthday just days before Christmas.  So the budget needs to do some special planning!  As did the making of birthday cakes and seasonal goodies.

I love to do some autumnal and Christmas crafting as well as at times making the gifts.  Most of the gifts I give are baked goods and by shopping ahead for ingredients as well as ideas for packaging, the cost is never one large expenditure.

Jellies, jams, and many other food items can be created now.  I made vanilla extract one year and although the recipe said to give it only a few weeks to strengthen, I found it took much longer than that.  So starting early can be a good thing.

Needlework now?  Of course!  Creating Art early?  An excellent idea.  Getting the Christmas photo made while the leaves are in full color?  A beautiful idea.  Preparing a scrapbook ahead of time to be ready for photos in December?  A very wise idea.

Anything accomplished a little at a time... ahead of time... and spread out over weeks... will make your entire Holiday Season much less expensive (all at once) and less stressful.  And you will find yourself smiling as you listen to your favorite Christmas music while making cookies or quick breads or an afghan or basting the turkey.

The table will be set early with pretty dishes and sparkling candles and music in the background and nothing will be missing... because you thought ahead.

No running out at the last minute hoping to find a store open for that one ingredient you thought was on the shelf!  Because you wrote out your lists ahead of time and checked them not once but at least twice.  Checking off as you acquired (or had on hand) what was needed.

With your baking begun early and the freezer stuffed, perhaps you will be inspired to invite some friends over at the last minute or send a loaf of bread to the elderly neighbor.  Without stress.

And that is the real secret of why I like to think of Christmas while it is still September.  Less stress in November and December.  More Holly Jolly and morning quiet times by the tree.

So... how many pay days between now and the Big Holiday Days do you have?  It doesn't seem so far away now, does it?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My World this Week

Early morning sunlight on favorite books...
I am loving the cooler temperatures, although September can be fickle and return to hot weather at the drop of the proverbial hat.  But it is always short lived.   The cooler temps bring me back inside for a lot of reading and the brewing of tea and fixing up the house to be nice and cozy and cooking slow food again.

I admit to not being much of a hot weather cook.  Everything I enjoy making pretty much falls under the category of cool or cold weather cooking.

So here is what has been happening in my world recently...

Reading & Re-reading

Dish Love

I'm keeping my hutch the same until time to decorate for Christmas.  A display of favorite Early American things and much beloved brown transferware has been enhanced by a few autumnal touches.

All but two of the dishes were purchased while thrifting.  For instance, the tall coffee server was purchased for just a few dollars at the antique mall as it has a very miniscule chip out of the lid.   Sometimes slightly flawed can be wonderful, especially for those of us on a tight budget.  ;)


I thought this was delicious but my husband didn't care for it as much.  But then again... I was raised on biscuits and he was not.  Recipe... here.

Signs of the Season

Tea Time
Holiday tea left from last winter and just as yummy.
This tea was a gift from my daughter for my birthday.  I use a little at a time...
The teacup was a gift from said daughter way back when she was in college (she probably does not appreciate the use of way back).  Just saying...
Her Fluffiness

Watching her favorite TV show, Wild America.  When it comes on, she tends to run into the room to watch it.

Especially if the episode is about birds of any kind... in this case it was about wild turkeys.  The scene on the screen is a hunter in camouflage with a duck turkey call (hard to figure out if you were not watching it).